Our network is collaborative, ground-up, and locally-relevant.

Our model schools are in Wyoming (Journeys School) and Idaho (Teton Valley Community School). These schools, part of Teton Science Schools, serve as core examples of place-based education.

Interesting in joining our network? Read the commitments below, complete a school-readiness assessment, and then apply to begin the process of implementing the Place Schools model.

Our Commitments

  1. Accelerated growth through the use of common co-constructed learning tools.
  2. Access to ongoing research and data-collection to inform school model
  3. Collaborative platform to share ideas/resources around school model and school elements
  4. Premium access to virtual micro-credentials, on-site professional development, and remote faculty via Place Network Online and Place Network Virtual PD (fee-based)
  5. Access to model project plans and collaboration through common technology platform
  6. Risk management documents to support high quality off-campus programming
  7. Learning tools and resources including program guide template, project planning templates, and resources linked to the Place-based Education Framework.

School Commitments

  1. Commit to use the place-based education principles in your school
  2. Commit to implementing the elements of the place network learning model
  3. Use a common set of competencies (which can be linked to state standards/outcomes where needed)
  4. Use a common technology platform
  5. Uphold the Place Network mission and values
  6. Share learning, resources, and results within the network
  7. Support the costs of the annual network fee and ongoing professional development

How do we get started?

  1. Commit to a learner-centered place-based experience for your students.
  2. Believe that your curriculum can be be integrated into local places to give student authentic experiences that make an impact in communities.
  3. Gather support from your peers, parents, and administrators to be a partner in the Place Schools program.
  4. Commit to the scale of implementation: classroom (if curriculum is already integrated), grade, or school.
  5. Build a team of teachers from within the school to join the pilot.
  6. Apply to become a pilot within the network.
  7. Teach to change the world.

Teton Science Schools, Jackson, WY 83001

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