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Spring '18 Project: Global Cultures

These projects are specifically designed to engage students in local places. Collectively, they make up an entire middle school curriculum for students who want to make a difference in the world. Instruction is supported by a national faculty of experienced educators who believe deeply in students and their success.

This spring, students will explore Global Cultures by asking the essential question: How might we celebrate cultures in our community? The elements of culture are limitless and go WAY beyond race and religion. Sure there are involuntary (born into) cultures such as race, but there are also voluntary (chosen) cultures such as music culture, food culture, and sporting culture. As cultures are examined in this unit, it is important to avoid stereotypes and realize that things like geography (mountains, rivers, and oceans) can influence culture. How do people join a culture? How do they try to change a culture? What is your culture? How can all cultures be celebrated in your community?

We are currently accepting applications from interested and engaged 5th - 9th grade students.

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