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Place Network Online can be implemented as a stand-alone project, as a supplement to a home school program or as an integrated curriculum at an existing K-12 school. Join our online community of students completing challenging, integrated, and place-based projects as part of their K-12 educational experience.

Dive into Place (Summer 2018)

So you think you know a lot about your place? Good. We want to learn about it too and guide you to take your understanding much, much deeper! Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to find the hidden facts, treasures, people, and spots that make your place unique. Report to Mission Control each morning to receive your mission, pack some snacks, grab a Notebook and your device, and go into your community. Who is the longest living member of your community? What changes have they seen? What urban legends exist in your town? Are they true? Why do particular plants and animals live and grow there? Likewise, why did people decide to settle there? Report back to Mission Control with your findings--photos, audio/video recordings of interviews, and observations--and log them in a digital map to reveal your discoveries with others. Who knew your place was so cool?

Dive into Place is a 2-3 week immersive learning experience facilitated by local families or youth groups and guided by Place Network Online faculty. More details can be found here.

We are currently enrolling interested and engaged 4th - 9th grade students (and their families) to participate during the fall of 2018.

Enroll now to join us in this unique, place-based experience this summer.

Place Network Online Learning Program (2018-19)

These projects are specifically designed to engage students in local places. Collectively, they make up an entire middle school curriculum for students who want to make a difference in the world. Instruction is supported by a national faculty of experienced educators who believe deeply in students and their success.

We are currently accepting applications from interested and engaged 4th - 9th grade students.

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