We believe teacher professional development should reflect how we teach: learner-centered and engaging.

Interested in adopting the Place Network School model at your existing site?

Through the Teacher Learning Center at Teton Science Schools, we provide ongoing programmatic and administrative consulting and support to accelerate school transformation using the Place Schools model.

Transform Partnership

Place Schools partnerships provide support and ongoing consulting prior to the opening year of a school. This includes school model development based on the Place Schools framework as well as administrative support to answer questions regarding school operations.

Transform Partnership Benefits


  1. On-site faculty professional development through out partnership
  2. Virtual consulting
  3. Access to Program Elements (listed below)

Available Program Elements (to save everyone time!)

  1. Place-based Framework: Full professional development sequence based on tested and proven TSS Framework for Place-based Education.
  2. Articulated Competencies: Comprehensive set of competencies, performance indicators, and continuum milestones based on best research based compilations.
  3. Sample School Program Handbook: This handbook covers all components of curriculum, instruction and assessment as well as general programmatic guidelines. It can be amended to add policies and protocols specific to school site.
  4. Technology Solution: A ready to go open-source competency-based technology platform available for schools. Additional customization can happen dependent on technology resource of organization.
  5. Network Access: Network access to place-based education units created by teachers around the country.
  6. Risk-management Protocols: Extensive protocols for risk-management while taking students outside of the school building.
  7. Professional Development Sequence: Articulated virtual/on-site professional development sequence for all elements of the Place-based Education Framework.

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