We believe in the power of place.

Teton Science Schools is an organization founded in 1967 in northwest Wyoming and eastern Idaho that integrates classroom-based, field-based, and teacher professional development in six unique programs. The schools are deeply rooted in place as a means to increase student/teacher engagement, student learning outcomes, and community impact. Our organization has educated, trained and inspired thousands of children, youth and adults, bringing them together through place-based education on one of our four campuses or in schools/districts nationwide.



Nate McClennen - Vice President for Education and Innovation, Place Network Program Director and Founder: Nate was part of the founding faculty at Journeys School in 2001 and was appointed Head of Journeys School in 2006. In 2015, Nate became the Director of Education and Innovation to focus on how to scale the impact of Teton Science Schools through technology, innovation, design learning, and school networks. Since 1993, he has taught science and math at the secondary level and science at university level. Nate received a Klingenstein Heads Fellowship in 2009 with Teachers College at Columbia University and taught as a field instructor for the graduate program in independent school leadership at Columbia University. Nate is part of the Education Reimagined movement, runs a educational technology company, started a mini-Maker-Faire, and believes that learning happens all around us, not just in the classroom.

Margot Angstrom - Director of Place Network Online: Margot was a founder and lead teacher of the middle school (6-8th grade) at the Journeys School in Jackson, WY. Margot has taught many subjects, including English language arts, math, science, a cappella music, and world religion. For two summers, Margot designed and directed "Exploring Nature Through Art And Music," a field-based summer program for 1st through 8th grade students that used the arts in the outdoor "classroom" to teach ecological concepts. Margot is currently writing a book for parents and teachers on how to help students learn outdoors. Margot has been with Place Schools through all of the early pilot phases.

Kate Gessford - Curriculum Design Team - Place Network Online: Having investigated the biological basis of learning and memory formation in her undergraduate thesis, she bridges the science of learning with teaching the concepts and skills of science. Kate encourages young people to become scientifically-literate citizens by asking questions about the world around them, collecting pertinent data, drawing thoughtful and informed conclusions, and engaging in argument based on evidence. Her current focus is integration of engineering design to enhance classroom curricula. Kate has taught middle school science and summer engineering programs for the last ten years.

Tina Forino - Curriculum Design Team - Place Network Online: For last eight years, Tina has taught high school science at a school in New York. Prior to her move she was employed by Teton Science Schools coordinating K-12 outreach programs to Wyoming public schools, designing professional development programs for the Teacher Learning Center, and teaching all subjects at the elementary school level at Journeys School in Jackson, Wyoming.

Betsy Trowbridge - Curriculum and Program Design Coordinator - Place Network Schools: Betsy received her Bachelors degree in English from Kenyon College. After finishing the Graduate Program of Teton Science Schools in 1996, Betsy moved to Berkeley, California to complete her Masters degree in Education and teach in the public schools in Moraga, CA. Returning to Wyoming in 2003, Betsy joined the Journeys School elementary faculty in its third year. In the past decade, Betsy has taught every elementary grade. Betsy's professional interests include designing and implementing research based reading and writing curriculum and integrating a child's place into his or her learning. One of Betsy's favorite moments in teaching is watching a student transition from learning to read to enjoying reading. Betsy also serves as the K-12 Director for Teaching and Learning at Journeys School.

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